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PublishDate: Saturday, July 30, 2011 14:47

Afghan Law Schools Improve Legal Education and Services

 USAID-  Recent achievements made by Afghanistan’s law schools will result in the improved quality of legal education for professors and students, as well as the increased caliber of legal services provided to the Afghan people. These achievements include the publication of an “Inheritance Law” textbook written by Professor Abdul Aziz Aziz, Supreme Court High Council member, as well as the Kabul law faculty’s “Huqooq” journal, and the shari’a faculty’s “Shariat” journal. These publications will serve as important resources for judges and attorneys in deciding and arguing court cases, while also helping professors instruct students on the law in Afghanistan.
U.S. Ambassador Hans G. Klemm, the coordinating director for rule of law and law enforcement, emphasized the United States Government’s commitment to improving the rule of law and the justice sector in Afghanistan. In pledging to fund the establishment of legal clinics at several universities, he remarked, “Your achievements represent progress that will benefit not only the deans, professors, instruc


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