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Violate the human rights laws to serve the government

In September 2010 after the Woodward Bob, the Washington Post newspaper journalist and editor, book titled “Obama`s Wars” published I was sent one. Like his previous book, “Bush in War”, the author has revealed some secret facts about Obama administration and the he himself as the forty fourth president of the America. This book based on Obama and his administration top meetings, hundred hours interview with the key officials, the governmental secret documents and notes taken from the president formal meetings include the Obama`s strategy in Afghanistan war and Pakistan, the dispute between the American army and civilian officials over the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan and carrying out the secret operations in Pakistan-with-Afghanistan borders.
The purpose of this article is to make the operations carried out by the Afghan and Pakistani working for the American intelligence service clear to understand how miserable it has made the people of Afghanistan. This book is the first source let the cat of CIA Afghan employed force out of the bag.

Woodward Bob the first revealing the three thousands-Afghan militia group working for CIA; (1)
In September 9th, 2008, Hayden Michel Wesant, the chief of CIA from 2006-2009, met the newly-won president Obama and explain the CIA secret operations in more than sixty countries of the World Woodward wrote.
When Hayden was asked about the operations in Pakistan, he answered eighty percent of the total operations took place in Pakistan and this country air space is under the control of America and our drones flew from the hidden bases in Pakistan (2). When it came to Afghanistan Hayden said to Obama the secret operations and the other deadly operations to support the America’s force including drones mission as well as the Afghan 3000-armed group employed by the CIA called Counter-terrorism Pursuit Teams (CTPT).
After revelation of the Afghan militia group hired by the CIA the news agencies from Washington Post to New York Times as well as the other media base their breaking news on this news item (3).
Wiki Leaks as a part of its chain release reported 760000 military cases in Afghanistan including the America’s military training base in Paktica province where the CIA-hired Afghan forces were trained, Forward Operating Base Organ-E, Forward and Fiber base Lilley.
According to the Woodward’s book and the American officials the CIA-hired Afghan militia group, Counter-terrorism Pursuit Team (CTPT) in Wiki Leaks and the Washington Post named OGA, Other Government Organization meant the CIA (4).

CTPT, the best Afghan war force for America:
The CTPT is so important for Obama administration that in September 2009. Joe Bidden, the Obama vice, said as long as there are two military bases in Kandahar and Bagram, the especial force can do operation in different parts of Afghanistan, the Afghanistan air space is under the control of America and the Afghan 3000-melitia group is fed by correct information provided by the intelligence service, the Al-Qaeda is not going to enter Afghanistan again (6).
Mack Crystal, the former general commander of international coalition in Afghanistan tripled the number of CIA-hired Afghan militia group Bob Woodward wrote in his book. At that time the CTPT carried out several successful operations in Kandahar, Paktika and Paktia the Washington Post journalist added in his book (7).
As the best Afghan war force for America the CTPT played a key role in establishing the security the American NPR radio quoted an American official as saying. The CTPT range of operations was also extended to Pakistan the NPR quoted an America anonymous military advisor as saying (8).

Carrying out operation in Pakistan;
Woodward in his book, page 336, reports of Panineh Edward Lion, the former CIA chief, and the minister of defense travel ling to Pakistan and meeting with General Kyani Ashfagh, the Pakistani joint chief of staff, where the CIA chief asked Kyani for allowing CIA more operations including the America’s drones operations inside Pakistan since he believed the drones as a warplane as well as investigating tools are very exact. After Panineh had been rejected by the Pakistani General, he left the meeting with angry face. The America drones were allowed to do operations in a limited geographical area called “The Boxes” while the permission of carrying operations in Pakistan south districts where this country ground force have great presence was not issued so the angry mood of the CIA chief was compounded after his question seeking for more exact information about Haghani network fighting in the Pakistan borders very close to this country ground troops base 7th was left unanswered by Kyani (9).
After getting no clear place with Kyani, Panineh decide d on establishing a secret ground troops to carry out hidden operations inside Pakistan so they formed the 3000-CTPT group.
Recently the Pakistani artillery firing to Afghanistan territory while faced with the international coalition silence made every Afghans surprised. In keeping touch with many formal sources close to the president Karzai as well as the other informal ones talking in the condition of anonymity I found out America is responsible for this artillery firing.
The secret militia groups working for America in the exchange of receiving money create instability and war in the border areas of Afghanistan with Pakistan.
Both presidents, Karzai and Zardari blame America on having hands in Pakistani Taliban operations inside Pakistan the Washington Post newspaper editor wrote in his book, “The Obama Wars” (10).
The Lowi site belonging to a radio called Sapormi broadcasting from Kabul in its program titled “the America `s purposes of carrying out operation in Afghanistan by Pakistanis” released the American circles have penetrated in Pakistani army and with determined purposes do operations inside Afghanistan (11). Below is the exact broadcasting;
لوی افغانستان: "دا ښکاره ده چې پر افغانستان وروستي بريدونه د پاکستاني پوځ له لوري شوي، خو په سياسي کړيو او پاکستاني حکومت کې دا خبرې په نارسمي ډول کيږي چې دا په پاکستاني پوځ کې امريکايي کړۍ دي چې د امريکا د ځانګړو اهدافو لپاره دا کار کوي. ښايي له دې سره دا پوښتنه را پيدا شي چې پاکستان ولې دا خبره په زغرده نه کوي؟ ددې پوښتنې ځواب دا دى چې پاکستان د خپل پوځ او پاکستاني دولت د حيثيت د ساتلو لپاره دا خبره په رسمي ډول نه کوي. د پاکستاني پوځ او استخباراتو دغه ډول حالت له دې وړاندې هم د امريکايي ځانګړو ځواکونو له خوا د اسلام آباد په څنډو کې د اسامه بن لادن د وژل کېدو په وخت کې پټ شوى و."

Cruelty and Oppression:
Associated Press quoted Jonathan Horoyz (12), a human Rights activist, in “Open Society Institute” as saying insurgents operations are secretly and it is impossible to answer their aggression. The insurgents are independent and while they kill or injure civilian, America can blame not to be guilty of it (13).
In Afghanistan civilians view, insurgents are in charge of physical aggression and stealing their belongings in night operation.
On October 23, 2003, in Argon, Paktika province, armed insurgents cut the finger of 3o year civilian (14) in his house according to Washington post report published on September 22, 2010 about the cruel of CIA Afghan hired forces.
In 2009, Moti-o-llah Quane, Qandahar police chief commander and Abd-o-lkhalegh Hamdard, the chief of anti-murder criminal with some police guards killed in armed attack in Reviewing Prosecutor Office by hired Afghan group of U.S.A intelligence to free one stuck insurgent.
Having hand in this incident, Karzai condemned America and request the International Coalition on transferring the criminals to Afghan security officials as soon as possible.
But the American current and former officials while basing their talk on analyzing the video of the Kandahar incident denied any involvement of CIA in killing the Afghan police incident in Kandahar.
The Afghan CTPT is formed by those having dark background of committing the deadly crimes so when are paid and backed by the foreigners they get ensured to carry out the dictated orders.
But the experience of the 80th decade shows most of the wars take their origins from the hired groups having worked for the foreigner intelligence services but later got separated fro them and acted independently as killing groups.
The Afghan CTPT existence is confirmed by the World media and the America officials.
The question of if establishing such militia groups help making peace and stability why it is not implemented in the frame of the national security can be asked by every Afghans. The neighboring countries intelligence services have been a big threat to Afghan national security forces including the national army and the police so instead of strengthening the militia groups like CTPT the Afghan national army and police should be trained.
The national army of the South Korea reached 700000 through the help of America and his allies over just three years but in Afghanistan after ten years the Afghan national army and police training goes ahead very slowly. What terrorize the governmental figures, attack the civilian homes at night in the name of fight against the terrorism, punish the common people, kill the tribal elders and carry out lots of operations in the border areas are the militia groups and the private security firms backed by the America and its west allies.
One of the reasons of dispute between the Kabul government and Washington was existence of such militia groups having equal power when compared with government and as long as these groups are not dissolved, Afghanistan will be suffering from war and instability.

Author; Aimal Khan Feyzi


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