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PublishDate: Saturday, July 16, 2011 10:36

Afghanistan bank system breaks the constitutional law

As we know implementing the Islamic rules shape the basis of the Muslim socials and behavioral treatment comparing to the laws made by the legislation organs are preferred. In some Islamic countries like Afghanistan, although in practical term is not satisfying; the God commands are the base of the any other social laws. The constitution law introduction and 3rd article are such examples. There is an article in Afghanistan constitution manipulating the implementation of God’s commands in all aspect of life since Islam is comprehensive religion. Below is the violation of 3rd article of constitution related to Afghanistan banking system;
According to this article any actions against Islam commands are rejected. Looking into Afghanistan banking revealed constitution violation.
The Afghanistan banking system law, article 33rd, sub-article 1st, manipulates the responsibilities of the banks and the article 1st is in relation to deposits whether it is interest-deposit or not. Here the interests mean usury which is Hiram (forbidden) according to Islam commands approved in holy Quran. Quran Bagharah Sourah, verse 275 says trade is Hilal and usury is Hiram, holy prophet had said any loan with interest is usury and the great Imam Abo Hanifeh (a sonny Muslim religious leader) avoid sitting under the trees of those whom were in debt to him so that he could not be involved in usury are the example of our Islamic doctrines about practicing usury.
Two months ago, a national merchant and some of the governors invited in a bank and in meeting one of the ministers said practicing usury is Hillal due to being risky action that shows banks obviously violate the constitution so what are the responsibilities of a lot of supervising commission especially the Independent Commission for Overseen the Constitution Implementation? Why any actions have not been taken yet? While the pure Muslims are polluted by usury stained money result in not being accepted their worshiping and not including to others praying. According to a saying they stand against the God.
Utilizing such this Hiram money pollutes the pure spirit of Muslim results spoiling their good deeds so it is the all people especially in charge economical official’s responsibilities to make efforts to stop these constitutions violation in banking system.
Author; Khalil Salehzadeh


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