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PublishDate: Wednesday, July 13, 2011 14:19

Behind Karzai’s brother assassination

Ahmad Vali Karzai, the president of Afghanistan Hammed Karzai’s brother, shot dead at his home in the southern province of Kandahar in Afghanistan.
According to News Agencies reports on last Tuesday in Kandahar province Ahmad Vali Karzai killed by a senior and highly trusted family security guard.
The death was confirmed by the Kandahar provincial governor and Karzai relative talk with Reuters on condition of anonymity.
Ahmad Vali, the head of Kandahar provincial council, known as an influential and powerful politician in Kandahar and the whole south regions.
The provincial councils have failed to do their law-frame responsibilities to control the local powers but it is not the same in Kandahar provincial council led by Ahmad Vali who had great influential on the provincial governor’s decisions.
Since some president’s close relatives have hand in corruption and smuggling, the government cannot effectively fight against corruption epidemic.
Ahmad Vali was accused of corruption, ties to the opium trades and cooperation with Mafia bands by some western media, but he always denied wrongdoing and believed it took root from the evil political advertisements of the west.
Earlier, the other Karzai brother, Mahmud Karzai, had been accused of Kabul bank bankrupting, the greatest private bank in Afghanistan, by the resigned former head of the bank but any accusation on him was denied by Afghanistan Judicial System so the impartiality of Afghanistan Judicial System were put under the questions by most of the experts.
The Kabul Bank bankrupting published in Washington Post leading to American-Afghanistan president ties ups-and-down.
Some experts have considered Ahmad Karzai assassination as an example of punishment and tool to put pressure on Karzai not to continue his opposing to West and America.


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