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PublishDate: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 13:27

The Pakistanis and Afghanistan more than a

As soon as possible the artillery firing to Afghanistan villages from inside Pakistan should be stopped.

Monday evening Karzai met General Ashfagh Kiani, the Pakistani chairman of joint chief of staff, at the president palace.
Expressing his deep concern about firing the artillery to Afghanistan Nangarhar and Kunar border provinces from inside Pakistan in the meeting where Dr. Espanta, the national security advisor, Wardak Abdolrahim, the ministry of defense, and Shir Mohammad, the chairman of Afghanistan joint chef of staff were present, Karzai asked Kiani to stop it as soon as possible.
General Kiani after having heard the issue promised to report it to the Pakistan defense ministry high rank officials to put it on the table of investigation.
Cooperation in the field of military and fight against terrorist suicide attacks scaring the people were discussed on.
Establishing peace and security dream has long made by both Pakistanis and Afghanians so to fulfill this dream two countries should take practical steps to end the destructive wars having imposed the people lots of loss Karzai said.
The trilateral security meeting of America, Pakistan and Afghanistan held on Monday could be an effective practical stem to strengthen the cooperation in all dimensions between the three countries the Pakistani General, Kiani, said.


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