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PublishDate: Thursday, June 23, 201111:58

Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding Obama’s announcement of the withdrawal of a limited number of US troops from Afghanistan

American President Barack Obama, who had given hope to his nation of withdrawing troops from the exhaustive Afghan war one and half year earlier, finally announced that 10000 soldiers will be withdrawn by the end of this year.
Barack Obama made his announcement of withdrawing 10000 troops in the whole year at a time when the American nation’s hatred for this war has reached a tipping point. A recent poll suggested that most Americans want to bring the occupation of Afghanistan to an end as quickly as possible and want all American soldiers to be removed from this futile war.
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan considers this announcement which currently withdraws 10000 soldiers this year, only as a symbolic step which will never satisfy the war weary international community or the American people because it comes as America simultaneously wants to build permanent bases in Afghanistan under the title of ‘Strategic Agreement’ by forcing its stooge regime to sign and approve it while it is at the same time busying its
invading forces in killing and persecuting the Afghan people in all corners of Afghanistan.
Obama and his war mongers want to deceive their nation and with this announcement, while in reality, they have no respect for their nation’s demands or wanting to bring this war and occupation to an end nor do they want to fulfill their promise. Obama’s statement about training Afghan Police and Army holds no significance because firstly, the trainers themselves have failed in passing this exam and secondly, the Afghans see them as thieves and enemies of their nation and religion.
 On top of this, the so called Army and Police, most of whom are drug addicts, forced out of their homes, the filth and bad people of society have been gathered for vice, given the mentality to spread vice and assigned for corruption will not reach Afghans any benefit nor will they help the Pentagon or CIA reach their ambitions.
The American nation must realize that their politicians and Army Generals are prolonging their game with them which was started a couple of years earlier. They are repeatedly giving false hopes to its nation about ending this war and claiming baselessly about victory and in this way want to extend this war as long as possible.

It must be clarified that the assertion of American leaders about making headway in Afghanistan and Obama’s proclamation of them being in a stronger position are nothing more than baseless claims and propaganda. They have not gained progress in the battle field nor can they bring forth any proofs of this progress. The increase in troop levels since last year has only
increased the loss in life and equipment on their side. And in this way, the increased blind bombings of villages, genocide, persecution of people and the destruction of people’s homes and farms to protect themselves cannot be called victory or progress by any sound mind.

The American people, who have now understood many of the realities about the Afghan war, must take serious steps to stop this pointless bloodshed. The American taxpayers must realize that, like the previous ten years, their money is still being wasted on this pointless and meaningless war or is still going to the pockets of the officials in the corrupt Kabul regime. If they do not react now, they will definitely be forced to so in the future in order to release themselves from this crisis.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan once again wants to make it clear that the solution for the Afghan crisis lies in the full withdrawal of all foreign
troops immediately and until this does not happen, our armed struggle will increase from day to day. In Afghanistan, region, American and the rest of the world, hatred will only increase against all invading troops and will end up in the disgraceful defeat of the invading troops, God willing.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


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