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PublishDate: Monday, June 20, 2011 08:49

The anti-Islam foreigner`s activities not allowed

The events at the Middle East, North Africa and Europe have damaged the world people feelings

Based on the president remarks the separation making and anti-Islam activities of the foreigners are not allowed by the Muslim people of Afghanistan Zohuri said.
Making speech at the Imam Hasan Askari mosque, located in Kabul West, on the occasion of honoring the becoming of Rajab month, the Ramadan preceding month, he said Ramadan is a month when all Muslim are invited by the God to have their bodies and soul refined.
The Shaban and Rajab months before the Ramadan prepare the Muslims for the great party hosted by the God.
Calling Rajab the best time for praying, he drew the attention to how great the Mafatiho-L-Jenan, a religious book, is when it comes to the field of saying the especial prayers of Rajab month.
The events taking place at the Middle East, North Africa and some parts of Europe have damaged the world people feelings. According to the God commands and the religion principles the Muslim are not allowed to be easy going about the political affairs since it leads to the dominance of the anti-Religion enemies Zohuri as a religion expert said.
The awakening wave first made in Tunisia after having reached the countries like Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Bahrain caused big people uprisings.
A short look at the history of Islam shows whenever the Muslim were united, stood together, they gain victory over the ill-tempered plot of the enemies and the titled the great looser while they were separated and easy going toward the political sensitivities the head of cultural sect of Tebyan political and cultural activities center said.
That Palestine has been occupied for 7o years has raised a lot of questions and while bringing the reasons of Israel victory in Palestine, he warned the Muslims in the other country about selling their lands and territory to any foreigners. Bahrain despite being independent for forty years has fell in hole now because they took some key affairs easy. The people of Bahrain ,although very late, understood the cruelty of the enemies are the fruit of taking some things easy so they give the lesson of being aware to all Muslims Zohuri said.
The Afghans having learnt some important lessons fro what is moving on with Bahrain stand hand in hand to defend their rights, keep their unity and don’t allow the foreigners to make them separated.
Referring to the president remarks warning the Afghan people about the unity breaking activities of the anti-Islam enemies, Zohuri invited the Shiite and the Sonny in Afghanistan preserve their unity to defuse the enemies trigged guns aimed the Muslims.


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