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Imam Khomeini and the Afghanistan Mujahid and Muslim nation

On the occasion of Imam Khomeini’s anniversary decease, Jawza, Apr, 14th

Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, on different occasions in his inspiring speeches always took into account the reasons of Islamic World problems. The corrupt domestic governments in most of the Islamic countries preparing the ground for the Colonist and Imperialism powers is the chief reason of Muslim issues while Afghanistan, Palestine, Egypt and Iraq are parts of the whole. Overthrowing the cruel and corrupt governments can give freedom to Quds, makes Afghanistan relieved from invasion pain and to be of great beneficial to the other Islamic countries. Addressing the Islamic nations, Khomeini in one of his speeches condemned the dependent-on-west-and-east governments in Islamic countries having created problems for entire Islam. Although Iran was under the imposed war, Imam Khomeini never forgot to defend the Afghan oppressed nation and condemn the Soviet Union for invasion to Afghanistan when he had called it the “the Grand Evil”.

Closing to Jawza 14th, the anniversary decease of Imam Khomeini as a world charisma and to let the Afghanistan youth get introduced with him, his opinions and his interests in both Afghanistan nation and issues below some of the great Ayatollah Khomeini points of view on support of Afghan Jihad and resist are reviewed.

The main problem of Muslims is the puppet, corrupt and Supper-Powers-backed governments in Islamic countries

Imam Khomeini in his meeting with the members of Iranian Revolutionary Guards Command Council on Sawr 28th, 1359, Sep, 1970, held in Qom said,” the Soviet Ambassador came to meet me and told Afghanistan government had asked the Soviet Union for help and bringing the Communist to power there so they want to enter this country. In response I said of course Afghanistan can be occupied, but you can not stay there since the Afghanistan Muslim people oppose you. You can not do what the nation doesn’t want. They had came to my anticipation late when it they were got caught there. The thing happened according to my predictions.

The Afghanistan government has agreed since it was serving the foreigners and opposing the nation.
The day the Soviet ambassador met me I told him not to listen to Afghanistan government having called for entering a political governing system there otherwise you were going to make the worst kind of mistake. You could occupy but can not convince them to let you stay. The Afghan nation as real Muslims would stand against their government and there will be the same for any power entering Afghanistan after the Soviet Union withdrawal.
Meeting the Tehran University professors, Imam Khomeini analyzed the Afghanistan at that time situations and said what were taking place there were because of Super powers challenges. Dawood Khan came to power through the coup d`etat backed by the Soviet Union, but it had been replaced with a more corrupt government when the Red Army entered Afghanistan during an invasion. But neither Dawood Khan Government nor the replaced government was agreed on by the Afghan nation.
Imam said some hours after the Soviet Union invasion to Afghanistan, the ambassador of Soviet Union had come to meet him and deliver an important message. While meeting him, the ambassador read the message said the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in response to Afghanistan domestic government request to end the foreigner Pakistan, that was against the Afghan nation, dominance and Imam warned them about their invasion when he had told by sword and weapon you can suppress the people but it can not guarantee you long presence.
The founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran in his remarks on the occasion of
”The First Anniversary Victory of The Islamic Republic of Iran” announcing his firm support from the oppressed nations addressed the Iran nation and said dear people of Iran, you have made the invader East and
criminal West aggressive and fearful. Try not to compromise with any power and I am certain you don’t.
Anyone officials in any position should not dare compromising with
East and West and if any tried to do needs to be missed out since compromising with the East and West brings betrayal to Islam and Muslims. I have warned of Israel risk for twenty years. All should rise and stand against Israel to replace it with Palestinian government. The heroic brave Muslim nation of Afghanistan is greatly supported by the entire Islam so they more united than before stand and resist against aggression and know that the God is with them and the victory is close.
Expressing his support of all movements aimed liberty and freedom, Imam hoped Afghanistan nation to gain victory soon. He again backed all movements all over the world fighting to make themselves free from the Right and Left Imperialism and Colonist. Palestine and Lebanon. The brave Afghanistan is hoped to become free from the Communist invasion claiming support of Labors.
Making speech in the gathering of university and Howze, religious school, students , Imam called the rumor of possible coup de tat a liar by saying the west and the East super powers are wrong if they wait for coup detat, it will never take place since no one inside Iran or outside it is going to serve their purposes. They should go and review the lesson they were given by Afghanistan virtuous Mujahedin. The trained sliders, heavy weapons and modern warplanes get no where if the Muslims keep their unity, the thing happened in Afghanistan where the government was in behalf of the Communist invader.

Khomeini said Mr. Carter should take lessons. In Afghanistan whose government and the other left-wing political parties were allied with the Soviet Union Communist was defeated when was confronted with a few people did not have modern weapons. They took the Soviet Union weapons and killed the owners of the weapons. The Soviet Union was still engaged equipping their Army by sending more modern weapons and soldiers when Imam made that speech.

In the gathering of members of The Quds Freedom Congress and representatives of Freedom Movements Imam said I think the America has played trick on the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union helps Iraq to damage Iran since it thought Iraq would open the way for Soviet Union while it was wrong and Iraq in fact received weapon from the Soviet Union but served the America.
If the Muslims had been united, the Quds and Afghanistan invasion would never have taken place Imam said.

In his message sent to Hajjis in 1359, 1970. The founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran condemning the Super powers taking control of the weak Islamic countries brought the brave Afghanistan youth who defeated the East Super power at that time as an example of fight against the foreigners. He added the Afghanistan Jihad broke the chain of the West and East immunity to defeat. After the Soviet Union badly failure in Afghanistan, the East super power lost the claim of dominance and it was the time when the Muslims understood it is possible to think of independence without tending to one of two Super Powers of America or the Soviet Union, something became a custom at that time in the field of political activities. Despite the modern Red Army, left-wing parties tended to Communist and Afghanistan domestic government unification, the Afghanistan heart-believers in the God gained victory. At those time America in Iran and the Soviet Union in Afghanistan were given the lessons of not trying to think of taking control of Islamic countries Khomeini said. Criticizing the silence the Muslims had kept; Imam Khomeini invited them to take the concerns of entire Islam serious. He condemned why the Islamic countries governments kept quite when confronting the Afghanistan invasion and Palestine. Describing the governments in Islamic countries unbelievable when talking about Islam.

Khomeini Imam asked the Muslims to revive the pure Muhammad’s Islam. Drawing the attention to the power of one billion Muslims if they overcome the corrupt domestic governments and join each other, Imam Khomeini said we should strengthen our unity to solve the Islamic issues. If we had been unified, the Palestine and Afghanistan would not have taken place he added.

The impression the Afghan nation made when seeing Imam Khomeini’s backing

While the Afghan Jihad was being happy due to having a strong backer like Khomeini, the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran on Dalw 22nd, 1357, 1968, doubled the people happiness. Having found a good symbol, the revolution movements in Afghanistan, Palestine and Lebanon entered a new flesh spiritual state. By the time the Islamic Revolution won in Iran, the anti-Islam Communist theory lost credit and the religious scholars explained the principles of the real Islam in the circles of youth in the mosques. That all were because of fresh spirit blew by the Islamic Revolution victory under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini.
In heart in Hut 24th, 1357, Feb. 1968, the youth in Heart made an uprising and pushed the Russian invaders out. In Ghandahar Mansur Mowlavi, a religious figure and mosque praying leader invited the people to rebel against the communist government while having selected Imam Khomeini as a symbol though he was sonny.
A Sonny medical student in Kabul School of Medicine quoted every night his grand father after saying his prayers prayed for more victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran led by Imam Khomeini and Muslims dignity. Imam Khomeini’s awareness of the entire Islam issues and his clear wise declaration and solutions made the Sonny and Shiite ready to get united to help their concerns needs meet.
During the Jihad the pictures of Khomeini having been brought to Afghanistan by Jihad’s groups were put every where and next to Qran and Mafatih-o-Ljenan, a collection of Muslim prayers, there was Imam Khomeini’s “Tahri-ro-Lwasileh” book. The Imam Khomeini representative while reporting his trip to Afghanistan to Imam said he was warmly welcomed by Afghanistan nation and called Afghanistan more prepared for establishing the Islamic Government. At the beginning of Jihad the Afghan youth while fighting against the Russia in gun battles shouted “The God is Great and Khomeini the leader”. There were the same stories among the elders, young, children, educated or illiterate all expressed their respect to the great Ayatollah Khomeini in Afghanistan.
When Imam Khomeini was hospitalized, the Afghan nation prayed a lot for his health. And when Imam Khomeini passed away the gig groups of mourners came to streets while crying and expressing their condolence in cities like Kabul, Heart and Bamyan though they were under the heavy control of the communist government.
Dr. Najib-o-Llah, who didn’t have a good impression of Imam after seeing the Afghan people love to Imam Khomeini send condolence letter to Ayato-llah Khamanei and signed the Imam Khomeini memorial note book in Iran embassy in Kabul, After 21 years the Afghan people still kept the memory of Khomeini alive and ask whoever coming to Iran to kiss Imam Khomeini’s tomb in favor of him or her. Imam Khomeini was a charismatic belonged to the Entire Muslims.

Source; “Shahed-e-Yaran” magazine, Iran “Bonyad Shahid”, martyr foundation, Publication Organ, Mizan, 1389, October 2010.


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