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PublishDate: Saturday, May 21, 2011 08:35

Some private TVs help cultural invasion in Afghanistan

Broadcasting of vulgar and nasty series and movies by some private TVs unmatched with our culture.

At the meeting held on last Tuesday participants discussed cultural invasion in Afghanistan and ways it is confronted in the meeting chaired by Fazl Hadi Muslim Yar, the head of Meshran-o-Jirga.
Ways of preserving cultural identity and national and Islamic traditional culture which is the indicator of the national identity were among the discussed subjects which were stressed by the participants. They felt worry that no time than now and with different methods this national identity and its cultural possessing are subject to invasion from some TV channels.
Broadcasting of vulgar and nasty series and movies, unmatched with our culture, under the title of media entertainment, by some private TVs is of some cultural invasion which leads to young generation distraction, some stressed.
Senate Assembly holds Ministry of Culture and Information, Ulama Board and Ministry of Guidance, hajj and charity responsible and called for Minister of culture and Information presence at one meeting and his concern about the issue.
Some media policies are influenced by other countries’ demands and those in charge of these media broadcast such movies in return for money, it was mentioned at the meeting.
Comments also made to make independence the National TV-Radio budget, a rise be given to the salary of its clerks and news be broadcast both in Dari and Pashto services.


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