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PublishDate: Tuesday, May 17, 2011 10:03

To what country we make friendship or hostility, the Afghan nation absolute right

Afghanistan as an independent country has the absolute right of distinguishing between friends and enemies said Dr. Espanta Rangin Dadfar, the president national security counselor.
On Monday he was at the parliament to make the announcement of Afghanistan neighboring countries reluctant to see Afghanistan signing strategic agreement with America. For setting a good security and immune Afghanistan to our pessimistic ill-tempered intentions of our neighbors signing the strategic treaty with America seems necessary if Washington accept our preconditions Spanta said. Over ten years our neighbors might have been busy with reaching atomic energy technology or hiding the terrorists while Afghanistan never asked them about it so now we consider Afghanistan and Afghan nation absolutely free in making decision on whether or not sign agreement with America. Presence of foreign forces within the law frame, improving the Afghan security forces, economy growth, social development and expanding the regional cooperation are the articles of the strategic agreement with America he said. It is the Afghanistan parliament making the final decision on whether or not sign the agreement and the Loei Jirga functions as a counselor Spanta said.
Placing a great emphasis on having close and honest ties with the neighbors in order for Afghanistan to make progress, Zolmai Rasul, the minister of foreign affairs, referred to strategic agreement with America as something domestic on which just the Afghan nation make decision not the neighbors.
Our neighboring countries are pessimistic about the strategic agreement but we reassure them about not letting any country to threaten them through Afghanistan. Ghanooni Mohammad Yoones, a MP, while describing the high ranked governmental officials answers incomplete and said the strategic agreement as a key issue requires more time to be spent on discussion.
The draft of strategic agreement between America and Afghanistan are going to be prepared and discussed on in both contracting sides.


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