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PublishDate: Saturday, May 14, 2011 12:16

The independent Joint Committee opened to deal with and fight corruption in Afghanistan

The committee is composed of three Afghan and three international experts.

Mohammad Yaseen Osmani, the previous highest Supervisory Office heads the first round of the committee.
According to the Mohammad Yaseen Osmani opening of this committee shows an important step towards eradicating the corruption in Afghanistan.
Fighting against corruption is a compounded duty and requires strong commitment by all parties in order to have it destroyed. According to the first round of this committee head, Afghans and the international community jointly work in this esteem
To eliminate the problem the need of establishing such committee was discussed on in an international conference in London and in Kabul so the establishment of this committee is part of that commitment.
Monitoring and evaluation committee is held every three months to monitor, review and provide recommendations about the activities in order to fight office corruption. The first mission is due in May 19th.
During the coming days, the committee consults with all organizations involved in the fight against corruption.
Relevant organizations and working groups of this committee are formed of representatives of the Afghan government, private sector, media, civil society and donors.
Afghan members of this committee include Mohammad Yaseen Osmani the committee first period chief, Dr. Sedeequllah and Dr. Mohammad Azam Dadfar.
The International members of the fight on office corrupt committee are Mr. Dragokas from Sylvania country, Mr. Ere Rayana Haredya Pamakas from Indonesia and Mr. Noho Reyabodo from Nigeria.


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