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PublishDate: Saturday, May 14, 2011 11:22

the America `s permanent military bases, the Afghanistan government and nation losers of integrity

Over twenty years the Tebyan personnel to i

The Tebyan personnel to increase and improve the cultural and political activities have tried hard and despite the Afghanistan oppressive situation, the Tebyan staff to deal with and reflect the public, university students, Tollab, religious school students concerns have taken clear steps and fortunately have gained a lot the head of Tebyan political and cultural activities center said.
Afghanistan over the recent years have struggled a lot of issues and if it continues, Afghanistan will suffer from worsen problems Hosseini Mazari at the Wednesday-held Thanking ceremony said.
Comparing the current period to the Jihad time, Mazari described the responsibilities of cultural and religious activists, scientific genius and politicians harder and drew the attention to Afghanistan again occupation this time by Americans when he said the America is trying hard to fulfill the dream of establishing permanent military bases in Afghanistan by convincing the domestic government of Afghanistan.
Establishing the permanent military bases will result in both the Afghanistan government and the nation’s losing the position of independency when it comes to the main-decisive decisions the head of Tebyan political and cultural activities center said.
Placing a great emphasis on Afghan nation independency in making decision about the future of their country, Hosseini advised the people to be wise in order to defuse the dream bomb made by America.
To oppose the foreigner’s actions in Afghanistan the political parties are not in a unified harmony so achieving ideal goals seems almost far. The political parties are blamed of not taking brave and straightforward steps when confronting the inhumanity of foreign forces he said. In Afghanistan most vulnerable current situation the foreigner plan have translated into practice in most of the cases Mazari warned about.
To interpret the ill-tempered dream of foreigner fortunate for Afghanistan the cultural institutes and figures should feel more responsibilities the Afghanistan political situation analyzer said. Since the beginning of the presidency of Karzai the Tebyan, the Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) news agency and Ensaf weekly paper personnel have carried out remarkable political and cultural activities the general editor of Ensaf said.
Our 20 years experience in media affairs, training the political and cultural figures have made us really capable of doing the projects leading to the interests of Islamic republic of Afghanistan. Addressing the Afghan scientific figures living in Iran, Mazari called for being more active and sensitive to Afghanistan concerns and help the people keep up with the current situations in order to, when confronting a problem, solve the refugees problems. Pointing out the Dalw, Bahman, 2nd march in favor of the Islamic Republic of Iran, he said the Iranian officials in charge of the Afghan refugees affairs while satisfying, they try to do their best to serve the refugees better and ease their education, identity and work concerns. The refuges should keep up with both the Afghanistan domestic affairs and the whole Islam affairs. Today the foreigners kill our sons as an entertaining and the released pictures of killing are heart sickening. The world Imperialism has united to eradicate Islam so the issues of Bahrain where numbers of Muslims, Shiite, are being killed, Palestine and the other Muslims are parts of the whole Islam concerns and the Muslims should oppose these wildness to gain not only the virtuous credit for the afterworld but independency for their Muslim brothers Mazari said.
The whole Islam world is owned to the great Ayatollah Khomeini reviving the Islam and spreading it across the world. If we, the Muslim, don’t thank this favor, there is going to happen something worse to us and lose a lot. The day of Imam Khomeini anniversary is a good time to review our commitment to him and promise to work hard to implement the real Islam in the world the head of Tebyan political and cultural activities center said.
Before the final short speech some Tebyan most active staff including Musavi Seied Ahmad, the head of Tebyan deputy, Zohhori Seied Sarollah, the chief of Tebyan cultural affairs in Kabul, Rajaby Hafiz-o-llah, the head of AVA international part in Mashhad, Habibi Seied Mostafa, the head of Tebyan technical part in Mashhad, Mortazavi, a cultural and political activists in Tebyan Kabul, were awarded and thanked while thanking of the other AVA and Tebyan active staff including Hoseini Seied Hassan, the chief of AVA central office, Hosseini Seied Habbib was promised.
As a final part Zohhori Hojatol-Islam in a short speech asked the whole Muslims to keep up with the lifestyle and policy of Muslim religious leaders, Aeimeh.


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