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PublishDate: Sunday, May 1, 2011 08:50

New Ministry of Interior Administration Building Opens in Herat

ISAF - In complimenting the quality and appearance of the new Ministry of Interior administration building in Herat, Brig. Gen. Ziauddin Mahmoudi said through an interpreter that “this building will be like our house. We will maintain it well.” Mahmoudi is commander of the 606th Zone Afghan National Police (ANP).

The administration building was turned over to the Ministry of Interior April 25 in a ceremony with representatives from the Ministry, the ANP, the NATO Training Mission – Afghanistan/Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Afghanistan Engineer District – South, and Technologists inc. (Ti).

The new regional administration building permits the Ministry of Interior to more effectively deliver services in Herat, according to Frances Hinkley, project manager for AED-South which was responsible for design and construction of the $4 million administration building.

“The Ministry uses this building to further its national vision of stability and civil order by providing resources to the ANP,” Hinkley said.

The facility is in the 606th Zone ANP and for the 3rd Brigade Afghan National Civil Order Police, according to Nabil Abourialy, the resident engineer in AED-South’s Herat Area Office, which was responsible for constructing the project.

“As commander of this police zone, I appreciate the international effort to build projects all over Afghanistan to help us with security,” Mahmoudi said. He expressed appreciation to Ti for its efforts in designing and constructing the facility, citing the contributions of Afghan citizens to the project.

“They have designed and built a quality project.”

“It is our pleasure to help build the infrastructure in your country,” said Col. Anthony Funkhouser, AED-South commander. “We have more than $1 billion in construction for Afghan army and police forces. This Ministry of Interior facility is one of our most important projects. As a regional facility, it affects many people and many police officers. We hope it will help you do your job to provide security in this part of the country.”

In a ceremony earlier in the day to turn over police facilities at the Adraskan National Training Center, also constructed by Ti, Funkhouser echoed earlier comments about the firm’s dedication.

“The Corps of Engineers couldn’t do this mission without great support from contractors like Ti, which uses Afghan engineers to construct projects all over the country.”

In his closing remarks, Mahmoudi said he appreciates the work that America has done in Afghanistan.


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