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PublishDate: Tuesday, April 5, 201110:40

Some ammunition and guns from unauthorized in Kabul


Some ammunition and weapons were seized by the zone-101 Kabul Asmaie police in Deh Sabz city.

After the police found some unauthorized persons carrying weapons and ammunition, it seized them in Khorooti village in Deh sabz city, Kabul the ministry of interior affairs released in statements.

The seized ammunition and weapons contained 5 RPG rocket bullets, 15 grenades, 19 Kalashnikov gun bullet cases, 200 Kalashnikov bullets, 5 Kalashnikovs and 5 communication devices were taken to 101-Asmaie police base for further investigations the statement added.
Two cannon bullets, one 18-RPG rocket, one 82mm-cannon bullet, 3 grenades left from past were also discovered by police in area related to 4th Kabul security zone.
Mal Paswal, Turin General, Elkhani Abdor-Razagh newly appointed as the commander of 3dr regional zone was formally introduced to the low ranked and staff by Loei Paswal, a military degree almost equal to general, Salangi Muhammad Ayoob.

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