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PublishDate: Thursday, March 17, 2011 12:02

The boot presence of foreign forces consequences in Afghanistan nothing but extending war to the other provinces

Misunderstanding, misinterpretation and the mistakes some heads of political parties made the Jihad misled in Afghanistan Mazari said
Honoring Hut 24th revives religion identity and jihad values, makes unity and Afghans spiritual and material needs met Hosseini Mazari as an Afghan remarkable politics analyzer and the head of Tebyan political and cultural activities center in 32nd remembrance anniversary of Hut 24th martyrs ceremony said. Having all Afghan sects and races participated, the Herat Hut 24th against-Communist-invader uprising was pure Islamic and national he added.
Religion scientific figures, Olama, notable cultural activists, Iranian high ranked organization officials and hundreds of Afghan refugees residing in Mashad, as participators, listening to Mazari making speech in honoring Hut 24th martyrs ceremony held in Razavi grand mosque when he said the Hut bloody uprising as the most influential motivator prepared the ground for latter movements, uprisings and Jihad in Afghanistan nationwide.
"Afghan people are anti-foreigners, independent seekers and Islam-lovers confirmed by the history." Mazari described.

Afghan lives have been struggling with anti-Imperialism movements since beginning the head of Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) said.
Afghanistan was the first country imposed defeat to England as an Imperialist and later to the Soviet Union as the East Communist pole. Misunderstanding, misinterpretation and the mistakes some heads of political parties made misled the Jihad in Afghanistan Mazari said.
If now the school thought and cultural values and Afghan political and social right prejudice taste have been endangered and if Afghanistan is trapped by west and NATO, it is because of lack of enough wisdom and foreseeing of some Jihad leaders he said.
Pashtons accused of being mischievous and dominant seekers have been lost the most during the west boot presence in Afghanistan. During the past years civilians including old women and men and children have been killed and residential areas in south, south east and east bombarded by NATO-American war jets.
To reject some claiming the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan will cause Afghanistan new crisis Mazari drew attention to current increasing suicide attacks while the vast number of foreign force are in Afghanistan to reject the claim.
With presence of 150 thousands force America and NATO has almost failed in terrorist fight project and it is wrong to correlate establishment of American permanent army bases in Afghanistan to intensifying the fight against terrorist Mazari made a conclusion.
Before American army base establishment in the north of Afghanistan it was completely safe but now it experiencing a tough situation. Violating moralities and religion values while they are aimed to be replaced by anti-values is the other negative consequences of foreign forces presence in Afghanistan.
Warning the west about ignoring the Afghan religious and national values, Mazari said America and allies are going to face what Soviet Union faced in Afghanistan when invading our country unless they take into account the Afghan wanting.
"The negative consequences of having American permanent army bases established in Afghanistan are wasting your rights, violence against your daughters and even killing your president while you have no right of opposing."
Thanking Iran for being a good sanctuary for Afghan refugee for thirty years, the head of Tebyan political and cultural activities center advised the Afghan refugees to take into account how Iran has been struggling with problems of different kinds when they talk about this Islamic country titled " Omo-l-Ghora", the protect provider for all Muslims.
Calling the Afghan refugees victims of fighting and jihad against world Imperialism, Mazri said helping to Afghan refugee is not help to foreigners but to a part of Islam Union.
Calling for urgent attention to Afghan refugee, Mzari described Afghan refugee most vulnerable to subside reform project having been implemented by Iran government. He asked Iranian high rank authorities to be considerate about Afghan refugees and try effectively to get somewhere with difficulties subside reform project has caused for refugees by allocating funds. If Afghan refugees are legal, they should be given the work permission otherwise their incomes will be Haram, unlawful, as the Islamic based saying says since sometimes Afghan refugees are called illegal and work illegally, which means illegal making money.
The BAFIA officials were also asked to make the procedure of every-six month renewing Afghan ID cards better not to put Afghan refugees in a mind bugling state.

Describing getting martyr a way of winning the paradise, Tawana, an Afghan figure who made speech, from Afghanistan, said Afghanistan has viewed their neighbors with respect.
Hojato-l-Islam, a cleric title, Hashemy, an Afghan remarkable religious figure in Mashad pointed to how west strange culture penetrated to Afghan Islamic pure culture after toppling the Taliban regime in 2001. Calling the Afghan religion figures for taking firm steps toward keeping Islam pure culture immune to west immoral invader culture, he warned about not taking it serious.

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