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PublishDate: Sunday, February 20, 2011 12:00

One common wedding ceremony celebration for 22 young couples

  Emam Khumaini "Relief Committee" as a reward on the victory of Islamic Republic of Iran Revolution (Dahaye Mubarake Fajr) occasion funded these group marriage ceremony.
In this celebration, some dowries for brides and grooms were awarded by the Emam Khumaini Relief Committee.
After that Mr. Ahmadi made speech on rights of spouse and how to behave them? In the following of the ceremony, Mr. Salem Abadi, the manager of Emam Khumaini Relief Committee reported on activities of Emam Khumaini Relief Committee in Afghanistan.

Afterward, the general consul of Iran in Herat province Mr. Rahimi Mohammadi Yakta gave speech and then a suiting scoff for audience was played by the exhibition group of theater.
At the end, Mr. Namatullah Hussian Zadeh, a famous singer in Heart province sang two songs and the brides and grooms, couples, went left while more gifts, flowers and dowries were given to them.

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