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PublishDate: Tuesday, January 4, 2011 15:01

For Afghanistan Islamic, national and political interests, the domestic media should avoid dependence on foreign countries funds

Sayed Eisa Hosseini Mazari, the head of Afghan Voice agency (AVA), in an especial talk with Ariana TV channel described media an important power tool.

Media as an important tool in balancing power mainly political should refuse complete dependence on foreign funds since it keeps them a servant to foreign countries interests he warned.

The Afghanistan national interests are being endangered as a result of foreign organizations money and technical funds allocated to some Afghanistan domestic media Mazari made a conclusion. The foreign donors have the aim of making Afghanistan media to a servant preserving the foreign countries interests.

The media freedom of speech and wide numbers of them as rewarding achievement of current government are not being financed as much as education, public health, agriculture and army the chief editor of Ensaf weekly paper said. Media and reporters have suffered from lack of attention.

Lack of setting up security and equipments are of the most killing challenges to which reporters have faced the chief of Tebyan political activities center declared.

NATO and ISAF exclusive use of news has made it difficult for Afghan domestic journalists to access trustable and informative news source Mazari as an experienced media expert took into account.

‍Comparing to the other governmental staff, the journalists in Afghanistan are not paid well to provide basic necessities of life like shelter for their families. They, the journalists have lost the hope of long last working for the media. They are not in good self-confidence and high spirit states. Because of being worried about their salary and future work, they hardly show interest in doing more research and updating their knowledge he expressed facts.
Lack of hope and equipment for journalists not only have caused disorders for media but also threatened the society of Afghanistan Mazari said.

Establishing media units are good if they are aimed to improve the conditions of reporters and media offices but what they have done are really under the matter of criticism the head of AVA complained.

Reporters have been hit, behaved unfairly or even killed by Taliban while media units have just held discussion meeting over issues and forgot the message of taking practical steps to improve the life conditions of media and media members, reporters Hosseini Mazari complained.


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