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PublishDate: Wednesday, December 29, 201011:13

Kabul University journalism students celebrate graduation

42nd graduation ceremony of Kabul University journalism students was held in Momtaz hotel as the ministry of education message had allowed.

In current year 59 students including boys and girls graduated from press, radio and TV faculty of Kabul University journalism department.

Mohammad Sarwar Danesh, the current one in charge of ministry of education, message focusing on development of faculties of Kabul University was delivered when puhanmal, a university degree, Noorbakhsh Abdolazim, the spoke man of ministry of education, made speech.
In this ceremony Puhandoy, a university degree, Gharwal Mohammad Wahid, the dean of journalism faculty, Satankzai Nasrollah, the president justice and right counselor and a number of professors made speech on position, personality, responsibilities and main duties of journalists.

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