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PublishDate: Tuesday, December 28, 201009:25

Afghan, NATO forces carry out 1,784 operations in three months

Afghan and NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) have carried out over 1,780 operations against anti-government militants over the past three months in Afghanistan, an ISAF spokesman said on Monday.

"In the past 90 days, Afghan and coalition forces have conducted 1,784 kinetic operations and killed 384 lower level insurgents and captured more than 2,300 lower level insurgents," the spokesman of the military alliance, Brigadier-General Josef Blotz told newsmen at a press conference.

Blotz also emphasized that the troops captured or killed 880 insurgent leaders during the mentioned period but did not give exact figure of those captured and killed nor say if there were any senior Taliban leaders among those killed or captured.

However, The spokesman of over 140,000 NATO-led forces predicted more violence next year by saying, "We still expect very tough fighting in the weeks and months ahead."

Blotz also stressed that the military alliance killed a Taliban leader namely Mullah Abdul Hai in Ghazni province during an air strike on Dec. 22.

Commenting on conducting a night raid operation against a private company in the capital city Kabul on Dec. 24 and killing two security guards, the spokesman stressed it was a coordinated operation with Afghan authorities.

"ISAF coordinated with Afghan security forces to move on an area of interest, after receiving a credible threat to attack the U.S. embassy,"Blotz said.

Disharmony in conducting the operation has angered the Afghan government as Interior Ministry spokesman Zamarai Bashari in talks with journalists on Sunday flayed the operation.

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