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PublishDate: Saturday, December 25, 2010 09:20

Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan to hold joint military drill next year

Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan agreed here on Friday to hold a joint military drill in March next year.

The Trilateral Military Live Exercise on Urban Warfare will be held in Istanbul on March 19-27, 2011, according to a joint statement issued at the trilateral summit.

The drill was arranged during the Turkey-Afghanistan-Pakistan Fifth Trilateral Summit held here on Friday.

The statement said that the drill aims to advance the military cooperation dimension of the summit and is "against no other party. "

Other steps towards security cooperation include the offering of Turkish training facilities for military personnel, and joint training seminars for counter-narcotics officers at the Turkish International Academy Against Drugs and Organized Crime.

Turkish President Abdullah Gul explained the necessity of security cooperation, saying "security and economic development will compliment each other."

Counter-terrorism was particularly critical, he said, noting that the National Intelligence Agencies of the three countries need to work together to combat the threat.


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