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The Afghanistan Supreme Court has no ri

The Afghanistan general prosecutor efforts to cancel the election final results was opposed by Mr. Manavi

It has been tried to have their political needs met with bringing change to election final results as some inside-outside Afghanistan government high rank officials are accused of.

No right is issued to Afghanistan Supreme Court or any other organization to interfere with the election, cancel, final results as the IEC officials said.

A crisis of new kind, hard to control, can be born of disputed final election results as IEC warned about

At a press conference Sunday Manavi Fazl Ahmad, IEC chief, told some high rank officials inside-outside Afghanistan government are trying to change final election results to meet their political needs.

These figures, in condition of anonymity, would not be allowed to do so Manavi firmly declared.

Cancellation of final election results remains as dream for those, with no right issued, trying to open a new discussion in the name of changing election results Manavi warned about.

Earlier, the Afghanistan general prosecutor had tried to cancel the results of Afghanistan second round parliamentary election.

On accusation of wide election fraud the general prosecutor had asked the Afghanistan Supreme Court to cancel the election results, but yesterday Ahmad Zia Rafat opposed it by denying any right to prosecution and Supreme Court to do so.

Despite the Sunday gathering of numbers of unsatisfied candidates in front of Supreme Court building calling for election cancellation, no formal response is yet issued.

According to 651article of Afghanistan constitution law saying only IEC as a lawful independent established organization has the responsibility of supervising and managing all kinds of elections and no other organization is issued the right of interference with IEC decisions. All election steps law should be implemented by IEC as IEC officials said.

The Election Complains Commission (ECC) works as a subdivision, but it is the IEC as the absolute decision maker about elections in Afghanistan they added.

On November 24, the final results of 43 election pales and on December first, after dealing with the related issues, the final results of the other one election pale was announced by IEC and according to 83 and 68 articles of Afghanistan constitution law Wolisi Jirga, lawmaker parliament, in law-shape was formed.

While the dispute over 18th August parliamentary election between IEC and general prosecutor is increased, Karzai has kept silence.

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