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PublishDate: Wednesday, December 8, 201011:55

Yearly three thousands children die of air pollution in Kabul

With implementing a new strategy, Kabul will be enjoying cleaner air in three years the environment preserve office officials said

Speaking at a press conference, Mustafa Zaher, the chief of environment preserve office called Afghanistan officials and ministers for taking strategies to make Kabul air cleaner into account.

The project of "preserving environment" was approved by the council ministers last week.

Kabul air pollution decreases by 15 percent in three years by implementing the new strategy he added.

Describing the air of Kabul out of standing and harmful, Taher warned about death of three thousands children as a result of killing polluted air in Kabul

He strictly asked Kabul residents not to drive private cars to do their share in the project of helping Kabul breath cleaner air.

Earlier last week council ministers to fight Kabul polluted air announced Thursdays as off for governmental organizations.

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