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PublishDate: Wednesday, November 10, 201014:15

The Afghanistan request for Arab countries support

On his trip to Egypt, Dr.Zolmai Rasul, Afghanistan foreign affairs minister, met Amro Musa, Arab Countries Society high secretary.

At this meeting, Dr.Rasul after reporting the Afghanistan peace making hard workings to Amro Musa called all Islamic countries especially Arab countries for supporting the peace and stability process in Afghanistan as Bakhtar released based on information received from press and information management part of Afghanistan Foreign Affairs ministry.

Also Amro Musa described Afghanistan an important Islamic country and asked all Muslim countries to help Afghanistan establish more peace.

The Afghanistan foreign affairs minister also met Habib-al Adeli, Egypt domestic affairs minister, and Mamduh Marai, Egypt justice minister.

Establishing a joint mutual cooperation commission and a political consult agreement between Afghanistan and Egypt was inked. Egypt and Afghanistan have had a long diplomatic relationship.

The minister of Afghanistan foreign affairs is trying to direct the world attention to Afghanistan by using the available diplomatic opportunities.

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