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PublishDate: Sunday, October 3, 2010 11:28

The foreign forces are in Afghanistan for their own beneficial

Karzai said, ' After September 11th 2001, the world society entered Afghanistan because of their direct beneficial but not to help this war torn country.
Speaking at the president palace on Saturday on the occasion of 30 commanders of army promotion, Karzai warned about the day when foreign forces leave Afghanistan because they see no beneficial there.
' In an eye twinkling, the foreign forces and the world society will leave Afghanistan as they did when they suddenly appeared ' He said
Karzai drew promoted army officers attention to the past when the Soviet Union red army invaded Afghanistan by telling the reason of world society help to Mojahedin. He said at that time they helped Moojahedin because their policy required.
' After Mojahedin win the world society left Afghanistan alone and torn. They closed their embassies since there was no benefit .After western diplomats left Afghanistan Elghaede came and made Afghanistan capable of high destruction. The Soviet Union invasion destroyed all Afghanistan infrastructures. At that time Afghanistan had 350 fighter plane and a disciplined army but now no bomber is left and our national army is in poor condition.

The president of Afghanistan asked all Afghan security officials no mater what position they have to be wise and do their best to protect their fatherlands and help Afghanistan walk toward a better national beneficial and independence.

He continued it is to our beneficial to have a close relationship with our neighbors. Nothing should endanger our neighbors from inside Afghanistan as we expect no danger from inside our neighbor countries.
' Our relationship with America should be based on mutual beneficial. 'Emphasized Karzai

Before Karzai had criticized the foreign forces terrorism fight process wrong and called for eradicating the terrorism root outside Afghanistan.
In a hidden tension, the foreign forces accused Afghanistan of having corruption government and referred all problems to this weak trend of the government.


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