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PublishDate: Monday, May 9, 2011 09:36

The reformed laws of media send to the parliament


Dr. Rahin Seied Makhdom, the minister of information and culture, making speech at the ceremony honoring the world day of media where the media members, media organizations, the retire media members, journalists and the officials of news and media agencies participated said in the recent ten years, twice elected as the minister of culture and information, he has always tried to prepare more ground for the freedom of speech. The reformed version of the media laws of Afghanistan is going to be sent to the cabinet and the parliament after it passed by the ministry of justice he said.
The new reformed media laws have included the articles like the right of informing, media publication policy, journalists job right and the law manipulating copy write and accessing to information law he said.
As the law of freedom of speech says the journalists are protected by the ministry of information and culture. Due to defending the journalist’s rights he has sometimes been under a heavy pressure he said.
Shigiro Aviaki, the UN representative in Kabul, representing the message of the general secretary of the UN said the media revolution on the freedom of speech has taken place and we all have to try to implement and improve it. Despite the good ground prepared for the freedom of speech by technology, there has been some fresh crisis threatening the freedom of speech the massage said.
More than 500 journalists worldwide lost their lives to do their job in recent ten years and the number of journalists killed on the way of doing their job reached 60 in the year 2010 the report said. The freedom of speech has been the most remarkable achievement of the Karzai government the massage added.


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