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PublishDate: Monday, February 14, 2011 11:26

To settle the Parliament, Wolse Jirga, dispute a establishing a commission containing experts and lawyers felt necessary

Several MPs made several suggestions on bringing the parliament issue to end.

How to settle the parliament dispute over speaker election was what the MPs discussed on.

Several MPs made several suggestions on bringing the parliament issue to end.

A commission containing experts, representatives from different political parties and scientists, Olama, can be a problem solver key to speaker election by reviewing all past two weeks comments made by MPs to make a all-aspects agreement was what made suggestion by Yunis Ghanuni, the parliament former speaker and MP from Kabul.

He said with several separate discussions we are going to make ourselves tired while getting to solution seems far.

Referring parliament inner affairs like electing the Speaker to the Supreme Court or Supervising commission is against the Afghanistan constitution law he said.

What are taking place in the parliament is because of different political tastes available not of criminal category and it is wrong to fit them under category of crimes have to be dealt with by the Supreme Court Ghanuni said.

The current parliament speaker election procedure has been tiring and had no consequence except intensifying the differences among the MPs and if it is not going to be brought to end by reforming the parliament laws manipulating the inner duties, further meeting will be waste of time Ghasemi, the Ghazni MP, made a comment.

Favoring the Ghanuni suggestion, Muhagheg, a MP, said while no other ways are left we should tend to a political agreement on electing the speaker.
Whether constitution law implement supervising commission or establishing a commission can settle the dispute over parliament speaker election Sayaf Abdol-Rab Rasul said.

Establishing a commission made suggestion by some Mps is rejected by the other Mps believing in reforming the parliament laws limits the inner rights and dealing with white votes to settle the issue.

Rejecting the commission, Barek Zay Shokrieh insisted on leaving the job with just taking votes.
Being emotional peak, Anvari Seied Hossien, MP from Kabul, called for immediate solution and said let not keep our people waiting and confused. Complaining about white vote, he described them a kind of conspiracy.

He said what has made us get caught is wrong race and tribal prejudice.

Since Karzai coming to power and up past two weeks now the Parliament has failed having the speaker of 16th round of parliament elected due to several reasons.


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