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PublishDate: Monday, October 26, 2009 12:06

12 police injured in clash with protestors in Kabul

Twelve policemen were injured as protestors clashed with riot police force in Afghan capital Kabul Monday, Kabul police chief Abdul Rahman Rahman said.

"The protestors clashed with police and injured 12 policemen," Rahman said.

Clash erupted Monday morning as riot police blocked the way of protestors who moved towards parliament to condemn the alleged desecration of Muslim holy book Quran.

Witnesses said some students were also injured during the clash.

Similar demonstrations by Kabul university students on Sunday in front of parliament led to clash but it was controlled.

U.S. soldiers, according to locals, during an operation against Taliban militants in Wardak province days ago raided a mosque and desecrated Quran.

Students in Jalalabad University in east Afghanistan first held demonstration last week.



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