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PublishDate: Sunday, July 26, 200913:00

Clash leaves 3 Taliban insurgents dead, 2 policemen missing in Faryab

(Xinhua)_ The militants attacked joint unit of ANP and PRT, patrolling in Pashtun Kot district on Saturday night and the forces returned fire, killing three rebels on the spot," Afzal said.
Two policemen with ANP were found missing after the fighting and it is not clear whether they have been killed, he added.
The attackers, armed with machineguns, apparently belonged to Hafizullah who believed to be a Taliban commander in the area, the police official said.
Taliban-led insurgency and violence in northern Afghanistan, has been escalating as the date for Aug. 20 election is drawing closer in the post-Taliban country.
Norway has some 450 troops mostly stationed in respectively peaceful northern Afghan provinces to help bring peace in this part of the militancy-hit country.

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