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PublishDate: Wednesday, June 3, 200916:13

Afghan police confiscate over 3,000 kg of narcotics

"Some 3,318 kg of opium, 60 kg of hashish, and 750 kg of opium seeds as well as over 4,700 kg of precursor chemical substances were found in an operation in Sarwan Qala area of Sangin district," the statement added.
It also said that police set fire on those drugs at the spot after taking some samples.
According to the statement, 12 laboratories which refined opium to heroin were also destroyed and some suspected people were arrested in the operation.
The war-torn country, according to a United Nations report, produced over 7,700 tons of opium, the second harvest record in 2008 while the Afghan government said some 5,000 acres of poppy land were destroyed in 2009 so far.

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