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PublishDate: Sunday, May 3, 2009 11:45

12 ANA soldiers missing in Taliban attack

Twelve soldiers of Afghan National Army (ANA) were missing after a Taliban attack in eastern Afghan province of Kunar Saturday, local official said Sunday.
"Taliban militants raided a joint check point of ANA and the U.S.- led Coalition forces in Ghazi Abad district Saturday, and after the fighting, 12 soldiers of ANA were found missing in the clash and so far not clear where they have gone," governor of Ghazi Abad district Morsalin told Xinhua.
He also added that at least seven Taliban insurgents were killed in a Coalition air raid in the same area.
Meantime, Taliban militants have claimed that 12 ANA soldiers and three Coalition troops were captured by their men.
Taliban militants, whose regime was toppled in late 2001, have vowed to launch the Spring Offensive against government and international troops stationed in the central Asian nation.


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