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PublishDate: Monday, February 23, 2009 16:05

At least six killed in Iraq attacks

(AFP)_ Bombers and gunmen killed at least six people in attacks in Iraq on Monday, the interior ministry said.
Three people, two of them soldiers, died when gunmen opened fire at an army checkpoint in Ghazaliyah, a mainly Sunni suburb of western Baghdad, a ministry official said. Eight other people were wounded.
A roadside bomb blast targeting a police patrol near the agriculture ministry in the centre of the city killed two civilians and wounded six people, the officia added.
On Sinaa Avenue in downtown Baghdad, a similar device also aimed at a police patrol wounded seven people, three of them policemen.
In Iskandiriyah, a town to the south of the Iraqi capital, a man was killed and his son wounded in a bombing also targeting police.


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