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PublishDate: Monday, January 12, 200918:52

Afghanistan Islamic party condemns the Israel assault to Gaza

Participating hundreds of the main party charges and supporters, the speakers denounced the terrible Israel to Gaza and call for to get it ended up as soon as possible.
"This gathering audients to support the Palestine and to shout up the hatred of Israel "Mingel shirzad, the university professor said.
Islamic party has not only religious relationship but also political with other Islamic parties and state seriously that we support Palestine political organization, Hamas, as well as call for the right of Palestinians" he emphasized.

All of the Islamic countries must aid the people of Gaza and all of the political and civil organizations have to rise up to protest "Abdullah, Nangahar university president commented.

There was a five-point resolution to condemn the Israel assault in Gaza as well as support the Palestine as soon as possible. Stated in this resolution that since polestine
Possess the holy shrine such as Quds, Muslim first Keble, several prophets place birth and holy Prophet Night travel (Mirag) plays an essentially important role among Islamic countries.

As written in this resolution points, the Islamic united party either condemns the Israel attack to Gaza or call to court them in the international tribunals. It is forbidden to make any possible relationship with Israel and wanted the world to cut off any possible contract with this occupied regime.

Some of the this gathering speakers criticized Nangahar chair men not to allow to anti Israel protest in Nangahar .although these chair men did not answer to this claim yet .

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