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PublishDate: Wednesday, January 26, 2022 13:39

Russia blames US for current crisis in Afghanistan

Russia has ticked off the United States for trying to shift responsibility for the crisis in Afghanistan by asking other countries to rebuild the war-hit country.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Russia’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations said on Wednesday: “Attempts of the US administration to present its policy on Afghanistan as a success look hypocritical.

The outcome of 20 years of US and presence in Afghanistan could hardly be described as a success.

“It is rather the direct opposite. The US entered Afghanistan with a mission of combating terrorism. Yet, in reality, the advent of the Americans only secured Afghanistan’s status as a hotbed of terrorism and drugs.”

Over the past two decades, the statement alleged, apart from -Qaida and its affiliates, the Islamic State emerged and gained a foothold in Afghanistan.

“ (in Afghanistan) peaked to unprecedented heights,” the Russian mission claimed.

The US presence in Afghanistan cost thousands of Afghan and American lives, and billions of dollars spent, the statement said.

Talks with the Taliban, donor funding of the Ashraf government and the Taliban’s ascent to power finally resulted in an irresponsible withdrawal of , the mission noted.

American attempts to shift responsibility for the current looked disingenuous, the mission remarked, spurning US calls for other countries to rebuild Afghanistan.

It recalled the US military launched indiscriminate airstrikes and killed Afghan civilians without charge or trial. TASS news reported.


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