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PublishDate: Tuesday, January 25, 2022 16:10

Talks on Afghanistan Must Be Comprehensive

Four decades of war have not solved the riddle of power-sharing in Afghanistan.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_The escalation of on cities led to the escape of Mohammad Ashraf , depriving the Afghan people of the opportunity to form a comprehensive and mutually agreed-upon government. The peace talks in , despite many shortcomings, were still one of the greatest opportunities to resolve the issue of power distribution in Afghanistan. The negotiators and mediators are all to blame for destroying this opportunity. Instead of showing goodwill to the Afghan people and the international community, the Taliban intensified their attacks during the talks. The government led by Ghani, on the one hand, wasted time and, on the other hand, did not take social sensitivities into account when selecting negotiators. This cast doubt on Ashraf Ghani’s commitment to peace. The mediators were not honest with the Afghan people in determining the venue and did not work for the benefit of all. The government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan bypassed and deceived the people of Afghanistan. This destroyed one of the opportunities for resolving the power-sharing dilemma in Afghanistan.

However, the talks in Qatar were not the only opportunity for the country. Opportunities have always been available, and if used properly, existing opportunities can solve the problem of power-sharing. To be honest, the main problem is that power must be divided along ethnic lines. There are many reasons for the final collapse of the republic. But one of the most important reasons is that politics must be based on ethnic identities. and then Ghani constantly tried to marginalize the political figures of non-Pashtun communities and brought together some of the most iconic figures of those tribes to show everyone that their government is made up of all tribes. This situation intensified towards the end of Ghani’s rule and widened the social divide. In the end, it was not in the interest of any faction. The Taliban are now following the same wrong path.

After the Taliban took control of the country, they negotiated with several political figures in , which apparently had no result. The second meeting was held in Oslo at the initiative of Norway, and again several people were invited. The third meeting is scheduled for now in . Representatives of all ethnic groups should be invited to any meeting held to resolve the problem of power-sharing in the country. Tribes in the country cannot be ignored or eliminated. There is a way to solve the problem of power-sharing in our multi-ethnic society, and that is -ethnic_agreement. Now that the country is in a severe economic crisis and its prospects are not clear, all factions must try to continue an honest and constructive dialogue in one of the countries in which the parties agree. The day after the formation of the government agreed upon by all, this problem must be solved forever.

Four decades of war have not solved the riddle of power-sharing, and no more wars can overcome it. The only solution is a constructive dialogue with the goodwill and flexibility of the parties. These conversations can also be a cure for this old problem if the parties are open-minded and representatives of all ethnicities are invited to attend the meetings.

Over the past four decades, the parties to the conflict have repeatedly gathered around the negotiating table. But due to totalitarianism, monopoly, ambition, and dishonesty, the talks failed to satisfy the parties. Sometimes these meetings play the role of painkillers; But there is no cure for the main pain, which is discrimination and totalitarianism. Even now, if only a few figures are invited to possible future negotiations and the parties do not honestly show goodwill and flexibility to find a cure for this old pain, it is a repetition of the same wrong paths of the past.


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