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PublishDate: Sunday, January 23, 2022 11:17

The Oslo Talks Provide an Opportunity to End Afghanistan’s Crisis

Civil society representatives and independent figures were scheduled to meet with the Taliban delegation

Afghan Voice agency (AVA)_The Talks in will be held today, Sunday, in the Norwegian capital. Sources said that civil society representatives and independent figures were scheduled to meet with the Taliban delegation. The meeting will be attended by 16 members of civil society and independent figures. They are developing a joint plan to explore ways out of the current crisis. The project will continue to partner with the Taliban and then with the international community. The Oslo meeting lasts for two days.

The meeting comes after the Norwegian ambassador met with Taliban officials in . Sources said that Norway’s goal is to find a way out of the current in Afghanistan. The European Union, the United States, and the United Kingdom have also sent delegates to attend the talks. The meeting is said to focus on and the humanitarian crisis. According to US officials, building a comprehensive political system, responding to immediate crises, addressing security concerns, and protecting human rights are among the Talks’ priorities.

Dialogue is the only way to resolve crises. Representatives of civil society can meet with the Taliban delegation in Norway, discussing what happened after their return to Afghanistan. When the returned, they barred women from going to government offices. They went on to abolish the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and have closed the gates of girls’ schools for their own reasons. In addition, recent restrictions, especially on women, should be discussed so that the two sides can agree on a viable solution to overcome these challenges.

The meeting is also an opportunity to draw the attention of countries to resolve the current humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, in addition to agreeing on these issues. Unfortunately, the cold season has complicated the situation for Afghanistan’s citizens. Only resolving immediate economic and can save more citizens from the threats created. The presence of representatives of the European Union, the United States, and the United Kingdom, given their role in Afghanistan, will also help resolve the current economic and health crises.
The Oslo Talks is a great opportunity for the parties to address Afghanistan’s concerns as soon as possible and agree on key issues. Putting pressure on the people, even in the current critical situation, can never be the basis for solving the challenges. Afghanistan’s problems have never been solved by force, and all sides have realized this. It is better than the participants of this meeting, to understand the situation, agree on the common participation of all people in the system, the protection of the human rights of individuals, especially women, as well as the resolution of the current humanitarian crisis in the country.

Missing this opportunity not only complicates the situation but also frustrates the international community and the countries trying to resolve it. Instead of creating a problem, it is better to solve the challenges on the table through dialogue. Other than that, there is no other way to solve Afghanistan’s problems. In the current situation where the Taliban need domestic and international legitimacy, ignoring the value of these meetings widens the existing gaps, especially the crisis of distrust in the country.


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