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PublishDate: Saturday, January 22, 2022 10:00

Database, Security Cameras Reactivated: MoI

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) said that the database center and security cameras damaged during the fall of the former government have been reactivated.

Officials within the ministry said that a major part of the electronic system of the database center was broken down but they have been able to repair all the damages in the past five months.  

“The department has control over thousands of cameras including in the capital and provinces across the country,” said Mohammad Ibrahim, who is in charge of the ’s_technology and information department.  

According to him, the technological affairs of the database was previously run by the foreigners and it is now being controlled by the Afghan officials.  

“The department was fully run by the foreigners before, when we came to power nothing was operating,” Ibrahim said.  

The ministry said that the security cameras installed in various parts of Kabul have also been reactivated.  

“After the recent changes in the country, the data center was fully closed. We have repaired it and it is operating now,” said Ruhullah Khplwak, an official of the ministry.  

“The reactivation of these security cameras, besides playing a good role in reduction of crimes, will also prevent the import of illegal stuff to the cities” said Sadiq Shinwari, a military veteran.  

Some residents of Kabul praised the reactivation of the cameras, urging the government to take further steps to tackle criminal activities in the city.  

“We call on the Islamic Emirate to reactive the security cameras to prevent crimes,” said Tamim, a Kabul resident. 


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