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PublishDate: Sunday, January 9, 2022 09:39

Kazakh president calls emergency meeting as security tightens in Almaty

Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said on Saturday that the deployment of the Russia-led military bloc known as the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) in Nur-Sultan had allowed Kazakh law enforcement agencies to be redeployed to intervene in Almaty.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Tokayev called a meeting with senior officials in the capital on Saturday, where authorities have declared a state of emergency from January 5 until January 19.

The secretariat said on Thursday that its peacekeepers’ main tasks would be to protect important state and military facilities and help the Kazakh law and order forces.

On Friday, police were checking cars on the city roads with the support of the Kazakh military, including heavy vehicles.

Dozens of people have died, and public buildings across Kazakhstan have been ransacked and torched over the past week in the worst violence experienced in the nation, a major oil and uranium producer since it became independent in the early 1990s as the Soviet Union collapsed.

The demonstrations began as a response to a fuel price hike but swelled into a broad movement against ’s Russian-backed government and 81-year-old former President Nursultan , whose family is widely believed to have retained influence in -Sultan, the purpose-built capital that bears his name , Reuters reported.


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