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PublishDate: Wednesday, January 5, 2022 09:43

Kabul residents hail snowfall as good omen

Kabul residents are happy with the snowfall, calling it a blessing from Allah. They are optimistic Afghanistan will not see drought next year.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_In an interview with Pajhwok Afghan News, Kabul resident Samiullah Nazari, who sells tea in Qargha, said he was happy with the . It would end the drought and boost crop yields in the spring, he hoped.

Sangar , who had come to Qargha for fun from Uruzgan, told Pajhwok he wanted to take pictures of the scenic location and have fun there.

While filming the lake, Uruzgani enjoyed the snowfall and called it a good omen. He wanted the prolonged dry spell in the country to end.

, a resident of Qargha who trains people on horse-riding, said he had a good business during the snowfall.

He bought the horse for 80,000 afghanis and earns about 400 to 500 afghanis a day.

Ajmal, hailing from Khair Khana neighbourhood, had come to the lake along with friends. He believed: “The people of Afghanistan, having suffered a lot, should enjoy even the smallest happiness.”

He urged Afghans, who wanted go abroad, not to leave their homeland, stay in their country and play their role in its reconstruction.

, a resident of -e-Chahar area who had come to Qargha with his family, said they were enjoying the snowfall.

He said they had come to enjoy the snowy weather and hoped it would help overcome the drought in the country.


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