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PublishDate: Saturday, January 1, 2022 10:19

Canada to take in female Afghan judges from Greece

Spokesperson of the immigration minister of Canada has said that the country will resettle female Afghan judges who are now living in limbo in Greece after they were evacuated from Afghanistan.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_The people that total 230 people also include family members of the judges.

In addition, the ministry is also willing to resettle unspecified numbers of gay, lesbian, transgender, , queer who had been referred by a third-party aid organization.

Though the specific date of taking in the people is not clear, it is said that the judges along with their family members will be resettled in 2022.

has so far resettled 3,915 Afghans in connection with the Canadian government and 2,535 others on humanitarian grounds.

The country has pledged to take in up to 40,000 Afghan refugees but the exact date has not been given yet.

Tens of thousands of Afghan people fled their country after the recaptured power and during the US chaotic withdrawal from Kabul International Airport.


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