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PublishDate: Tuesday, December 21, 2021 12:03

US Will Continue Aid to Afghanistan: State Dept

The US State Department spokesperson, Ned Price, on Monday at a press briefing said the US will continue its humanitarian aid to Afghanistan and added that the US is acting as the global leader in providing humanitarian support to the people of Afghanistan.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_ said is well aware of the situation in Afghanistan and is committed to providing support.

“When it comes to humanitarian assistance, the United States is the global leader in providing humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan. We have provided, since August, $208 million alone, we provided nearly $475 million over the course of this year,” he told reporters. According to Price, the United States has taken steps to facilitate humanitarian support to the people of Afghanistan. He said the US Treasury Department has issued many licenses in this regard that allows the transfer of .

Price also said the United States is working with the United Nations to infuse liquidity into the Afghan economy to help the people of Afghanistan cope with the financial challenges, especially in the winter. “We are working with the various UN bodies, including the , to find creative ways that we can infuse not only humanitarian aid, but also liquidity into the ,”  he said.

Price also said the US’s commitment to relocate the at-risk Afghans will continue and it will fulfill its commitments. “As you know, our efforts to relocate not only and lawful permanent residents, but also Afghans at risk have been ongoing. We made very clear when the military mission came to an end in the end of August that commitment to these groups would be enduring,” he said.

Price’s remarks come as a number of Afghans protested in over the freeze of Afghan assets and called on the US to release the frozen funds. 


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