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PublishDate: Sunday, December 19, 2021 09:27

Majority of Herat Residents in Poverty: Officials

The high rate of poverty has recently affected many people in the western province of Herat, officials said on Saturday.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_The head of the provincial disaster management authority, Sayed Habib Rahman , said that dozens of people are asking for help from the department on a daily basis.  
“The demands are high. But the assistance of the disaster management department is limited. It depends on the emergency situation. When a flood or drought takes place, we provide our aid,” he said.  
On Saturday the people received some aid from the humanitarian package provided by .  The aid consisted of one pack of vegetables.  
“We can’t call it aid. These vegetables are being eaten after food. The people are struggling with economic problems,” said Ahmad, a Herat resident.  
“We want them to provide us with flour, oil. What will we do with carrots and other vegetable?" said Naznin, a resident.  
Some of the vulnerable people who were not enrolled gathered at the site to receive aid. They said that has forced them to stand in the line and ask for help.  
“I am a widow and have four children. The price of food products are too high and I can’t buy any,” said Lily, a Herat Resident.  
Herat has seen a rapid surge in unemployment that has severely affected its residents. This comes as the UN and other humanitarian organization has repeatedly raised alarms over an economic meltdown in the country. 


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