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PublishDate: Sunday, December 19, 2021 09:21

Humanitarian aid from Saudi Arabia arrives in Kabul

Two Saudi Arabian planes, carrying over 60 tons of humanitarian aid landed in Kabul on Friday, the Afghan Red Crescent Society confirmed.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Present at the handover were .
“The materials included 65 tons, including 1,677 cartons of foodstuffs including flour, sugar, oil, dates, rice, and peas and 192 packages of non-foodstuffs including kitchen sets, carpets,” the stated.
According to the organization, two more planeloads of aid will arrive in on Saturday.
A further two arrived earlier this week.
This comes amid a deepening humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.
According to data from UN World Food Programme (), as of the end of November, 98% of the population do not have enough to eat — an alarming jump from 81% before 15 August.
Afghanistan is facing its worst food crisis on record. This winter, 14 million children are expected to face potentially life-threatening levels of hunger, and rates of malnutrition are soaring.
With Afghanistan’s aid-dependent on the brink of collapse, Save the Children warned that many severely are unable to access the specialist treatment they need to survive.


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