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PublishDate: Monday, December 13, 2021 09:43

Islamic Emirate to Consult Ulema on Govt Affairs

The Islamic Emirate is to hold a meeting with the Islamic Ulema to consult on how to manage the government in the country.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_“The medicine that costs 200 or 300 AFG, has now increased to 600 or 700 AFG. We urge the government to help the people and solve the problems,” said Hafizullah, a Kabul resident.

“[The price of] medicine has increased, it is imported,” said Mohammad Yaqoob, another Kabul resident.

Ministry of Public Health officials said Sunday that a commission has been established to monitor the price of pharmaceuticals on the market.

“A commission led by the deputy minister of public health will monitor the quality of medicine at the bazaar,” said Dr. Javed Hazher, spokesman for the Ministry of Health.

“Some countries have assisted Afghanistan [with medicine] and the aid will be continued Inshallah,” he said.

Afghanistan’s Medicine Union attributed the sharp price increase to the weak Afghani against the .

“First of all there is a difference in the exchange rate. Supply is low and demand is high and imports are not [back to] normal,” said Nimatullah Tawab , deputy head of the union.

Pharmacists meanwhile have voiced concern over the shortage of drugs.

“Prices have increased by 30% to 50%, and import routes are closed,” said Abdullah Masoumi, one Kabul pharmacist.

This comes amid an ongoing crisis in the health sector in the country and with limited supplies available a number of hospitals and clinics have had to close their doors.


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