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PublishDate: Saturday, December 11, 2021 10:46

Canada may resume political mission in Kabul

Canada plans to dispatch a number of its diplomats to Kabul and resume its consular operations in Kabul

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Canadian authorities have told that the country’s Special Forces (JTF2) will be responsible for assuring the security of the diplomats.

It comes more than a week after Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Indian announced to resume their consular services in Afghanistan after nearly all foreign embassies shut on August 15.

France has also pledged to restart their diplomatic operations in Afghanistan.

The is yet to release a statement regarding the resumption of their diplomatic mission in Kabul.

Sources have also told the Global News that other countries are also willing to resume their in Kabul deploying their own forces to man the security.

The apparently informal engagement of these Asian and European countries is at a time when the Taliban’s interim government is not recognized yet.

The international community is resisting the preconditions of establishing inclusive government, respecting humans and                ’s_rights, and not allowing Afghanistan’s soil to be used by .

The Taliban on the other hand have been saying that all conditions have been fulfilled and this is time for the world to engage with them officially.


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