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PublishDate: Thursday, December 9, 2021 13:28

Prosecutors in Panjshir Province Are in Preventive Custody

Panjshir prosecutors are under house arrest after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Some former prosecutors in province claim that they have been under house arrest since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. Meanwhile, officials in the Taliban-led government have said in a general amnesty that they will provide security for all.

Ahmad (a pseudonym) has been working as a prosecutor in the Attorney General’s Office of Panjshir for several years. He has not yet been formally fired. Speaking to Hasht-e Subh, Ahmed said that he had been living in fear and under sort of custody for more than four months due to security threats from prisoners released after the August 15 turmoil and the negative attitude of the Taliban-led government towards prosecutors and judges. He added that the released prisoners thought that prosecutors had sentenced them to prison on personal grounds. “We have been uncertain for more than four months due to recent developments,” Ahmed said. “Some former government prisoners who have been released are seeking revenge. We are in protective custody, and after a while, we have to change our homes.”

Meanwhile, Zarmina (a pseudonym), who has been working as a prosecutor in Panjshir for several years, also told Hasht-e Subh: “Apart from security threats, our four-month salary has not been paid. The Taliban do not allow women to work in prosecutors’ offices like in other departments. We call on the Taliban-led government to get us out of the misery, and Afghanistan will also see the loss of more prosecutors if our security is not addressed.”

The prosecutors claim that they have repeatedly approached Taliban officials to provide them with security and allow them to return to their duties, but the Taliban have said that former government prosecutors and judges have no place in their government.

Meanwhile, Saeed Khosti, a spokesman for the Taliban-led government’s interior ministry, said of the security of the prosecutors that the Taliban had announced a general amnesty and would ensure the safety of everyone, including prosecutors. “We assure the employees of the former government that the Islamic Emirate will grant a general amnesty and provide them with security and allow them to live in their country, and we will be held accountable if any problem arises for them,” he added.

On the other hand, Moshtari , the director-general of the Department for the Prevention of Harassment of Women in the Attorney General’s Office, also expressed concern that the staff of this institution faced high-security threats from the released prisoners, saying that more than 20 Prosecutors across the country have been killed by unidentified gunmen. According to Ms. Danish, the Taliban-led government has not yet investigated the killings of prosecutors.

“In its first act, the Islamic Emirate released the prisoners unconditionally,” he said. “Their release is a significant threat to prosecutors.

“Unfortunately, since August 15, we have lost about 20 of our colleagues as a result of targeted attacks by criminals, and the Islamic Emirate has not arrested the perpetrators.”

These concerns came as the Taliban reached the cities, opened the prisons’ gates to prisoners following the fall of the previous government. The move has raised concerns among prosecutors and judges.


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