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PublishDate: Tuesday, December 7, 2021 10:19

Violators of 'Amnesty Decree' Will Be Prosecuted: MoFA

The Mnistry of Foreign Affairs reacted to the report recently issued by Human Rights Watch, saying that any Islamic Emirate member "found breaching the amnesty decree will be prosecuted and penalized.”

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_The HRW in a report last week said that the Islamic Emirate's amnesty has not stopped “local commanders from summarily executing or disappearing former Afghan security force members.”

The report was followed with a joint statement by the governments of the United States, European Union, and 20 other countries, expressing their concerns over the findings of the HRW.

"Mujahidin are fully committed to implementing amnesty decree and employees of previous admin are not being persecuted for their former opposition,” said Abdul Qahar , a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry on Twitter.   

The reform commission of the Islamic Emirate said that the commission has not registered any cases of killings of former members of the security forces.  

“We haven’t received any complaints that the forces of the Islamic Emirate disturb or bother anyone who worked with the former administration,” said Lotfullah , head of the commission.  

The report said that the alleged killing of the former security forces was in contravention of the decree of the Islamic Emirate.  

“We hope that the Islamic Emirate follows the decree of general amnesty,” said Ahmad Khan , a political analyst.  

TOLOnews tried to obtain comments from the families of the former security forces who have lost their lives, but for various reasons they were not ready to respond.  


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