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PublishDate: Saturday, December 4, 2021 13:02

Engage with Taliban, Karzai asks Biden administration

Ex-president Hamid Karzai has underlined the imperative of establishing an inclusive government in Afghanistan.

 Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Speaking exclusively , Karzai said the new government should represent the entire Afghan if it wanted to gain international recognition.

While opposing over-the-horizon counterterrorism mission, he asked the administration to work with the Taliban government.

“They and their allies and the international community must help Afghanistan rebuild itself, must heal the wounds … must work with the Taliban- they are the government today.”

called for a political process to form an inclusive government acceptable to all Afghans. He confirmed having talks with the Taliban on a wide range of issues.

The ex-president said the Taliban had agreed that Afghan girls and women would be allowed to return to school and work.

“I see the Taliban very much as my brothers and I see all others Afghans as brothers,” he said, urging the Afghans abroad to come back and build their homeland.


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