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PublishDate: Wednesday, December 1, 2021 09:53

Taliban Must Be Accountable for the Targeted Killings of Civilians

The Taliban must clarify its position on the targeted killing of civilians.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_In the last week, several assassinations have been reported in different provinces. In the process, former government soldiers and civilian employees have been targeted and killed. For instance, unidentified gunmen attacked and killed Nasir Ahmad Wakilzada, the former regime’s director of criminal investigations in the Ghor’s Shahrak district. The incident took place on November 24. No individual or group claimed responsibility for his assassination.

On November 26, unidentified individuals attacked and killed a village elder in . The incident took place when he was walking towards the Khanqah of Charikar. He was previously a district representative but had no responsibility at the time of his death. The Taliban confirmed the incident, saying that the perpetrators would be identified and punished soon.

Helmand residences also report that a young man has been arrested and killed by Taliban forces for posting critical content on Facebook. The man has allegedly been assassinated after being beaten. The next day, with the help of Kuchis (nomads), they retrieved their son’s corpse from a sea in . Local Taliban officials confirmed the incident, promising the victim’s family that they would investigate how their son was killed. Gunmen also assassinated a employee in , and no one has claimed responsibility for his death.

Human Rights Watch also released a report on the assassination and disappearance of more than 100 ex-servicemen in various provinces. It was reported that even in some cases, the families of these soldiers were targeted. The report came just two days after Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund, the Taliban’s caretaker prime minister, described in part of his statement the punishment of those he believed had committed “crimes” and “malice”.

Although the number of criminal incidents in the country has decreased compared to the past, on the contrary, targeted assassinations of former soldiers and civilians continue. Unfortunately, the Taliban have not reacted seriously to these events and have not responded to public opinion. In contrast, the Taliban prime minister implicitly legitimized the targeted assassinations of former government employees. He said the Taliban were committed to the principle of amnesty but were punishing those who acted against them.

The fact is that the continued assassination of former government officials and local elders has led to public distrust of the principle of amnesty and Taliban rule. The Taliban cannot justify themselves as much as they talk about trying to prevent these incidents. The Taliban-led government’s indifference to the recent assassinations has given the people the impression that the Taliban are involved in or at least support the perpetrators. Unfortunately, the recent decision of the Prime Minister regarding the assassinations that took place was a kind of legitimization of these events.

In the current situation, the Taliban-led government needs to make its position clear in the face of recent assassinations. They have to explain to the people about the unfortunate events that are happening. The Taliban are in power and now they have to hold themselves accountable to the people. The Taliban are directly responsible because they have the power.

If in the past they were accustomed to arbitrarily executions, now they can not and should not do so. Individuals with a history of opposition to the Taliban should be protected under the amnesty principle. If the Taliban-led government feels threatened in some cases, it should not assassinate them arbitrarily. The Taliban must learn to respect the law and deal with the accused in the light of the law. They must put aside the laws of war and get used to the civilized life of today and its principles. If the current situation is ignored and these assassinations continue, the situation will of control, which will be the responsibility of the Taliban-led government.


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