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PublishDate: Tuesday, November 30, 2021 12:52

The Taliban Must Prevent the Collapse of Afghanistan’s Health System

The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan has placed a heavy burden on the shoulders of civilians.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan has placed a heavy burden on the shoulders of civilians. Life has become more difficult now that difficulties such as high prices of goods and unemployment are gripping the poor people of Afghanistan. A fast-approaching winter even intensifies the challenges, making it more difficult for civilians to survive.

The situation is such that no one cares about improving the living conditions of the civilian population. The most important thing is for the civilians to be rescued in the coming winter. Surviving the winter is a priority. This challenge, however, faces the negligence of the Taliban-led government. In a situation where aid groups are warning of a humanitarian catastrophe this coming winter, the Taliban government invites people to pray. The Taliban have explicitly stated that they do not accept any responsibility for the plight of the people. Nonetheless, the civilian population wants bread and health facilities.

The Taliban-led government cannot implement health plans this winter. On the contrary, it is reducing the number of health workers and closing down medical centers. Reports of the closure of medical centers are being posted on social media, which has worried everyone except health officials, given the possible outbreak of the fourth wave of Covid-19 and the arrival of a cold, harsh winter. The Taliban have just closed the 50-bed -e-Barchi hospital instead of making arrangements to control possible diseases due to pollution and cold weather in the coming winter.

If such irrational decisions are implemented, the lives of civilians and Afghanistan’s health system will be in danger. Due to declining international aid, the country’s health system is in poor condition, and the Taliban-led government must now work hard to prevent it from collapsing. The issuance of ID cards and passports to patients who cannot be treated domestically has long been suspended in Kabul and has been unsuccessful in the provinces. The number of medical staff has decreased, and hospitals are closed. On the other hand, two dangers are lurking, the and the possible outbreak of the fourth wave of Covid-19, which may be costly.

With the Coronavirus projects halted in the country and hospitals closed, the Taliban-led government, which is responsible for protecting the lives and property of the people, must implement an action plan to fight the fourth wave of the Coronavirus. Denial of the Covid-19 threat cannot alleviate the pain of the victims’ families or reduce the death toll. Therefore, the Taliban have a responsibility to fight the disease by allocating funds and equipping hospitals. Currently, all possibilities must be provided. From oxygen to artificial respiration, test kits, vaccines and everything else needed to fight the epidemic.

Widespread and unemployment have made it impossible for most people to be treated in private hospitals. Therefore, the number of hospitals must be increased and equipped immediately. At the same time, health personnel must return to their duties and hospitals must be reopened.

Along with coronavirus, air pollution in big cities during the winter increases the problems of the country’s health system. Until winter arrives and less than 50 percent of the coal heaters are not turned on, it is not easy to breathe in Kabul after 4:00 pm until tomorrow morning. This condition apparently increases the need for artificial ventilation and oxygen.

Afghanistan has once experienced a shortage of oxygen and its balloon, and this bitter experience should not be repeated. The Taliban-led government has a responsibility to provide all facilities to combat -19, seasonal illnesses, and respiratory illnesses due to air pollution in the coming winter, and to reassure the public that the country’s will not collapse in winter.


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