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PublishDate: Monday, November 29, 2021 10:16

Media freedom at risk as Taliban censors news reports in northern Afghanistan: Report

The local authorities in northern Badakshan province have asked media outlets to publish their reports after a review and censorship, the Afghanistan journalists safety committee reported.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_The Afghanistan journalists safety committee () in its latest report claimed the Taliban authorities in province have announced that no media or news agencies are permitted to publish against the interest of the Taliban administration.

The provincial Director of Information and Culture, has said that women are not allowed to appear in public for reporting purposes, while he has said female media workers can work in the office apart from the male staff, AJSC reported.

According to the source, the guideline issued by the Ministry of Promoting Virtue and Prohibiting Vice has also raised concerns amongst the owners believing that both the financial crisis and further limiting media activities could lead to the closure of more media outlets.

This comes as, since the return of the Taliban into power, dozens of media outlets including news agencies, radio, and TV stations have collapsed.

Earlier reports suggested over 150 media organizations have been shut down due to the financial crisis.

Dozens of violent cases against journalists have been reported since the fall of Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban. have been killed, detained, and beaten.

However, the Taliban authorities have announced to consider certain including freedom of speech in order for the world countries to recognize the new regime.


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